Awesome shapes designed by climbing artists and independently manufactured by climbing engineers.

Welcome to Secret Holds a climbing holds brand. Based in Warsaw, Poland – EU we are climbing holds manufacturing company. We combine CLIMBING, ART and ENGINEERING in our climbing holds.

Working with routesetters and being climbers we exactly know what is needed to set beautiful boulders and routes in order to provide entertainment and great training tools for your gym.

Shaping holds requires art skills which are not granted. We are lucky to have @biszon_shaper in our team with his 20+ years sculpting&climbing experience. Simply awesome shapes!

Secret Holds is an exclusive brand of registered company FIDES ENGINEERING in Warsaw, Poland, EU.

We shape holds, we manufacture holds and we send them to your climbing gym from our workshop directly. We are and we work with routesetters and climbing gyms to design extremely durable and beautiful Polyurethane PU Climbing Holds.

We established shortest possible delivery times. Most of our orders are closed in less than 30 days from order confirmation to shipment with 100% On Time In Full. Hate waiting for your holds? Order with us and get your holds on time!

Contact us: info@secretholds.com