In Secret Holds the most important thing is Quality of our holds. We want to give you best climbing holds on the market. We manufacture all our holds in-house in WARSAW, POLAND (European Union) without using 3rd party contracting companies. Thanks to that we control quality of entire production process and we can proudly stamp our Quality Control sign on back of our products.


Based on our production and engineering research we developed special processing of polyurethane (PU). We put emphasizes to create durable and wear resistant holds which can still maintain flexibility and higher impact strength.


All washers are made of stainless steel.


There are currently 10 basic colors that are matching most commonly used RAL palette colors and other manufacturers color range for easy mixing. We can try to match any of the RAL classic two hundred colors and FLUO option as well.


To guarantee our products safety and lifespan they must be mounted using all available fixation points. For screw on holds all fixation points must be used to guarantee holds integrity.

Handling storage and cleaning

All holds should be handled with care without throwing and dropping which may result in structural damage. Store at ambient temperatures cleaned. Cleaning by hand brush or pressurized water and non-acid detergents is necessary to maintain proper color and surface roughness of holds.

General Safety Notice

If a product shows signs of cracking, fixation point is damaged, or if the product shows any kind of damage, the product must be discarded for safety.

We maximize our effort to ensure safety of our holds by continuous improvement nevertheless Secret Holds brand owned by Fides Engineering Sp. z o.o. are not responsible in any of the cases of damage and/or injuries resulting from the use of products.

WARNING: CLIMBING, MOUNTAINEERING AND RELATED ACTIVITIES, ARE POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING, HAZARDOUS, AND DANGEROUS. By purchasing or using any Secret Holds products in any manner, you agree that you are: (1) personally and solely responsible for: (a) learning and knowing the limits and capabilities of the equipment and yourself, (b) the proper use of and techniques for such equipment, (c) making responsible, sound decisions in changing situations, and (2) assuming all risks and accepting full and complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind to yourself or others, including death, paralysis, and serious injury, which may result from or is related to your use of any equipment manufactured by or purchased through Secret Holds, its partners, Websites, or retailers. In addition, YOU AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISKS AND ACCEPT FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES AND INJURY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING DEATH, PARALYSIS, AND SERIOUS INJURY, WHICH MAY RESULT FROM OR IS RELATED TO YOUR USE OF OR RELIANCE UPON ANY MATERIALS OR INFORMATION PRODUCED BY SECRET HOLDS, ITS PARTNERS, AND/OR THAT IS CONTAINED IN ANY SECRET HOLDS WEBSITES, CATALOGS, PUBLICATIONS, OR OTHER SECRET HOLDS MATERIALS. Resources like the Secret Holds Websites and publications can provide useful information and tips, but they are no substitute for good decision-making, safe and appropriate use of equipment, or professional instruction for the numerous hazardous situations in which you may choose to use Secret Holds products.